HMS Cleopatra Stern Decor HMS Cleopatra Stern Decoration

This everning I decided continue modelling of HMS Cleopatra decorative elements.

Headfugure already finished so I modeled stern decorative element. Usually it was wooden carved panel with king’s coat of arm and with some allegorical symbols. HMS Cleopatra is amazon-class fifth-rate frigate and there are no historical images of decorative element for HMS Cleopatra. I did some rework on shipyards stern image and make it more suitable for the 18 century ship.

In the center there are crown of George III over egyptian pyramid and sphinx since Cleopatra was the Egyptian Queen from Ptolemaic dynasty. There are two start as a symbol of Christian faith

Poseidon is old greek man man holding trident and riding on waves harnessed to seahorses on the left side and mermaid riding on waves on the right side. This is and allegory about domination over seas and harnessing of winds.

The original image was:

After my redesigned stern decor for HMS Cleopatra became: