I like to draw from time to time with paints on paper. I know that for someone it might looks like and old-fashioned in the age of computer graphics, but in anyway from time I takes a pencils or paints and draw something

Beware. It's hunting you ... Read more
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Cats eyes like an pacific ocean: calm and deep Read more

3D Graphics

Drawing on paper is old-school thing. Also I like to draw in CG Programs like Blender, Krtia and Inkscape. It’s much faster.

HMS Cleopatra Stern Decoration
This everning I decided continue modelling of HMS Cleopatra decorative elements. Headfugure already finished so I modeled stern decorative element. Read more
This is 3D model of head figure for HMS Cleopatra Read more
This is a set of 3D models of decorative element created for paper model Schwarzer Rabe from Shipyard Read more
This is a set of 3D models of decorative element created for paper model Papegojan from Shipyard Read more
This is my attempt to express contradiction of natural forms of flower and iron Read more
This model was created long time ago I even don't remember why Read more
This model was sculpted in blender 2.8 with it's sculpting tool Read more

3D Printing

If you would like something more “real” to put it onto shelf it better to print it. It’s quite enchanting process, while layer by layer model appears in 3D printer. I have two of them:

  • FDM Printer – Creative 3D Elf
  • UV LCD Printer – Anycubic Photon Mono 4K

If you like something precise like miniatures or some attachments for scaled models you need UV printer. And if you need something more stronger (i. e. ABS plastic things), but with a little bit ugly layered surface – you need FDM printer.

From time to time I'm looking thought models published on thingiverse and if some of them are inspire me I'm Read more
This is my 3D printed set of flower pots that I did some times ago. It were printed on FDM Read more
My little son ask me to print his favourite animation character lemming from "Grizzly and Lemmings" Read more
This is 3D printed Protogen cyber-like fantasy creature This model taken from Thingiverse, slightly changed to fix some problems and Read more

Ship Modelling

3D printing is awesome if you would like to spent not much time to build something. But I have one more “old style” hobby – building of sail ship models from cardboard and paper. Not only paper, to be honest.

There are some photos of building process of Papegojan ship model Most of the steps on these photos, excpept rigging. Read more
This model of English Sloop HMS Alert (1777) was done several years ago HMS Alert is British 10-gun cutter was Read more
This model of Swedish Fifth Rate 'Papegojan' (1627) was done several years ago The Vasa's dynasty reign in Sweden had Read more