My Hobbies


I like to draw from time to time with paints on paper. And thats some my drawings:

Watercolor leopard
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Watercolor dog
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Watercolor Horse
Hoses so graceful
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Watercolor Fox
Just one more watercolor animal
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Watercolor Cat
This cat was dran with watercolor pencils
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3D Graphics

But paper is old school thing, also I’m drawing in Blender. Thats some of my CG images:

CG Boat
This boat was modeled  done in blender:
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Ship Figurehead
This model was sculpted in blender 2.8 with it’s sculpting tool
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Ship modeling

One of my hobby is ship modeling. And thats my built ships:

Building of Papegojan
There are some photos of building process of Papegojan model.
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HMS Alert (1777)
This model of English Sloop HMS Alert (1777) was done several years ago.
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Papegojan (1627)
This model of Swedish Fifth Rate ‘Papegojan’ (1627) was done several years ago.
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